Zeynep Erson-Omay, PhD

Principal Investigator (PI)

Her research interests are in the integrative methods to study the multi level, multi-omic datasets for primary brain tumors, specifically focusing on tumor heterogeneity, rare subtypes or tumors with limited molecular mechanism understanding. 

She has been leading the computational analysis arm of Precision Medicine effort at Department of Neurosurgery and is interested in the application of computational methods to improve and enhance the personalized approaches for primary brain tumors.

Hasan Alanya, MSc

Postgraduate Associate

Hasan completed his BSc. in Genetics and Bioengineering at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey then received his MSc. in Molecular Techniques in Life Science, which is an joint program between Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kanat Yalcin, MD

Postdoc Associate (co-advised with Gunel Lab)

Brian Hilton

MD Student

Brian is an MD student at Yale and he will be working with us in collaboration with Bulent Omay, MD, FAANS and will be focusing on the clinical aspect of the pituitary adenoma project